Wednesday, November 11, 2015

projector mount bracket

I recently installed a video projector (known as a "beamer" here, not to be confused with a Beemer, which is a car) at our church here on Bonaire.  It is on a pretty long post hanging down from the roof beams.  It is pretty stable, considering how windy it can be here.
Here is a shot of the bracket the attached to the roof beam. (there is a story behind this seeming random post)


Anonymous said...

Hi Brad,

I'm the Amazon commenter curious about the bracket. Thanks for making the post! I'm confused now though because the picture you show on the bracket makes it look like its fixed and not a "360°" swivel?

Brad said...

Hi, True, there isn't any swivel between that H bracket and the downrod. You could always drill new holes in the downrod at the angle you need. The H bracket can pivot 90 degrees up and down but not side to side.
Our screen is not in line with where I had to mount the projector. I was able to get enough left right movement using the small arms that mount the projector base to the plate on the down rod. All those parts are slotted, and two different lengths of arm are included, so there is a fair amount of adjustability there. By the way, our projector does horizontal as well as vertical keystone correction, so the image on the screen looks normal, but the overall size of the image shrank when I applied the correction, and I had to move the projector away from the screen a bit, compared to where I thought it would be. So do a complete test before drilling any holes in the ceiling. :) I'll add a picture of the projector end of the assembly to this post in a few minutes.