Friday, January 31, 2014

Long Lived Birds

Here is an interesting story about the world's oldest Flamingo.

Speaking of birds with long lives, this past Saturday was the annual Lora (parrot) count here on Bonaire. The Boanire Insider reports they saw about the same number of birds as last year.

I saw some parrot counting teams coming back to the Washington Park entrance as I was riding in at the start of my weekly bike ride.  I was envious of them being in the park before dawn 'cause last Saturday had super clear skies.  I was outside around 05:45 and saw Vega in the north, brillilant Venus in the East, the whole of Scorpius in the SE, and Alpha and Beta Centaurus blazing the path to the Southern Cross in the South.  The view was truly awesome and memorable.  (by the way, you can pretty easily spot Mercury in the West a little after sunset these days)

I took loads of pictures in the park during my morning bike ride, and then drove out to Washikimba in the late afternoon to take some more.  They might make it to the blog some day....  the afternoon shots aren't even off of my camera memory cards yet.  Maybe we need some more rainy weather to keep me indoors working on photos.  What happens all to often, is that after sitting in front of a computer all day at work, the last thing I want to do is sit in front of a monitor at home.  Been reading the "new" Nero Wolfe books by Robert Goldsborough, this week.

I know...  I should be able to process a bunch of photos during the Super Bowl this Sunday, in between watching the new commercials.  heh-heh  I already saw a really cute new Puppy/Clydesdale one online.

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