Thursday, August 01, 2013

Mountain Bike Fun Race

Frank Bohm, from the Freewieler bike shop, has been organizing a number of bike races this year.  He has been able to line up different sponsors for the different races.  A big thank you goes to the folks at FLOW for sponsoring this month's race.  And thank you, Frank, for the pictures.

I was able to participate this past weekend and had a great time, except for the three occasions that my wheels got totally locked by mud that got jammed between the tires and the frame.  Mud is not usually a problem here on Bonaire.  :)

There were 34 riders in total, which is awesome for a Bonaire bike race.  24 of the riders did one lap around the 17km course, and 13 of us did two laps.  You can't tell from the pictures, but there were quite a few female riders in the group.

Most of the course was on dirt roads or double track, with a couple short technical climbs thrown in as well.  The first half mile or so was on the paved Lagoon Road.  That is the scenic Bonaire landfill in the background of this last shot.

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