Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Comet Lemmon

Comet Lemmon recently passed through the Southern Cross from top to bottom.  Here are a few pictures taken here in Hato around 6am on Monday.

The first wide shot has lines to show the Southern Cross.  There is glare from the water plant on the left side.  The stars are looking much nicer on the right side where the sky is darker.  There is an arrow showing the comet.  It is to the upper left of the foot of the cross.
Then next shot (below) is cropped quite a bit compared to the above image.  Can you find the Southern Cross without the lines?  And the comet?  If you click on one of these pictures, you'll see the full size images.
Here is a crop of the bottom three stars of the Southern Cross, with an arrow pointing to the comet.
These were 8 second exposures I think.  The last view is somewhat similar to what one would see in binoculars.

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