Thursday, January 19, 2012

Food Facts

A friend who is planning a visit to Bonaire this year asked me how much it might cost them for a week's worth of food, if they were to prepare their meals in their condo's kitchen.
So I made some relatively random notes while Sandra and I were shopping last Saturday.  Maybe you have the same question in your mind, so I'll copy and paste the info. here as well.

1/4 wheel of Gouda cheese $10.27  If you haven't had a grilled cheese sandwhich with Gouda and Bonaire whole wheat bread (see below)  you haven't lived.

1 loaf of whole wheat bread, $2.03   While one can sometimes find the USA style white "fluff bread" here, we really like the many very tasty brown breads that are made locally.  They typically don't have preservatives in them so we keep the loaves in the freezer and take out a few slices when we need them.  Individual slices of bread defrost almost instantly here.

Generic frosted shredded wheat cereal, 20.4 oz box $4.18

Jiff peanut butter, 18oz $3.49

1.8 pounds of organicly grown carrots from South America $1.33  Sometimes we can only get usa or canada carrots which aren't nearly as tasty.

Smuckers jam 12oz $3.35

5 pounds of white rice $3.69  Usually can get other types of rice too.

Spaghetti 500grams $1.39

Prego sauce 14oz $2.22

Ribeye Beef $18.90 a kilogram (never tried it actually, but it looked yummy)

Black Angus hamburger meat $9.50 a kilogram.  The Warehouse has two versions: one with a little more fat that makes good burgers on the grill, and one with a little less fat that is good for browning in a frying pan and for meatloaf etc.

USA-type milk 1/2 gallon $4.05 (that seems like a good price for here)  We usually get the long shelf life milk that comes in a cardboard 1 liter carton, and doesn't need refrigeration 'till it is opened.  But that $4.05 milk has potential. They had low fat milk and lactade milk too.

USA type orange juice 1/2 gallon $6.96 We drink juice from south america or europe that is about $1.75 to $2.25 per liter.

Orio cookies  14.6 oz $5.53

Campbell's soup 10.75 oz cans, $1.72

Coke 2 liter bottle, from the USA $3.40, from Venezuela $2.25    I like the Venez. stuff better 'cause it is still made with cane sugar instead of high fructose corn syrup. I let it go flat and drink it as a "perk me up" on long bike rides. If it is good enough for the Tour de France, it is good enough for me!

5 lbs of french fries, generic brand $5.99

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