Saturday, June 25, 2011

Jellyfish Jamboree Update

The jellyfish team had a great time at Karl's Beach Bar last night. The saw a bunch of jellies and got to meet quite a few people from Bonaire who are interested in the jellies for one reason or another. It is actually been amazing to find out how many people here have been stung over the years. Many of us (that is an editorial us) here on Bonaire spend a LOT of time in the water, and I suspect that makes a difference.

Dr Allen Collins from the Smithsonian Institute and Dr Angel Yanagihara from the University of Hawaii will be speaking at the CIEE starting at 7 PM Monday night. Everyone is welcome to come hear and meet two of the world's top jellyfish experts.

I haven't met Dr Collins yet, but I got to spend an evening with Angel and the Gillans at Johan and Esther's house and I can report that Angel's work and the innovative ideas that kept popping up in her conversation were very interesting.

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