Sunday, May 08, 2011

Morning Planetary Parade

Four planets are putting on a beautiful show in the pre-dawn skies here on Bonaire. It's been pretty cloudy here, so I've only seen three of the four planets so far, but I'll keep looking... The triangular pattern will change from morning to morning because the planets are on the move. The view is best here on Bonaire from around 05:15 t0 05:30. By 5:45am the sky is getting kind of bright. The further north you are the more difficult it will be to spot the planets. Sky and Telescope has a great animation that shows just how the planets are moving relative to each other right now. I highly recommend it.

Jupiter is at the lower left. Venus is at the top center and Mercury is to the lower right of Venus. Mars is to the lower left of Jupiter, but the clouds were in the way Sat. and Sun. mornings. I did spot Mars on one of my pictures from Saturday, but just barely.

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Harvey-Ressler said...

I generally do not leave comments, I just enjoy the posts, but thank you for sharing your work and hobbies with us. It is delightful to see God's handiwork through your hands and eyes.