Friday, November 05, 2010

Parrot People

Sam Williamson has been studying the parrots (Lora) of Bonaire for about seven years now. Rowan Martin and Rhian Evans have also been part of the parrot research efforts for quite a few years as well. You can read about their efforts on the Parrot Watch Web site.

I've shared some cycling adventures with both Sam and Rhian over the years, and have come to really like and appreciate them. The sure love those birds. I've seen Sam perk up and spin around in response to a bird call much like I might do here in Boca Raton in response to hearing a Ferrari V-12!

Well Sam and Rowen are Dr. Sam and Dr. Rowen now, whoo whoo, and the gang has just formed a new foundation on Bonaire to continue their work with the endangered Lora parrot. You can read about the new "Echo" foundation in this Bonaire Insider news story.

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bluegreenplant said...

birds are great. Sometimes smarter than mammals.