Thursday, September 09, 2010

Big Bopec Blaze

Wednesday afternoon, Sandra noticed a police car go zooming by with its lights and siren going. A bit later a police truck did the same as well. That's pretty rare here on Bonaire, so she was wondering what was going on up north. Well, it appears that lightning struck one of the Bopec oil storage tanks and set the crude on fire. Above is a wide angle view from oil slick leap.
Above is a telephoto shot as seen from 1000 steps.

As the sun set and the sky darkened, the smoke plume really stood out in stark contrast to the sky colors.

Above is the view from partway up the hill from Karpata to Rincon. It is a big blaze.

And here is a panoramic view from Karpata, including a teeny tiny moon at the left. The fire is lighting up the whole area and was casting distinct shadows at Karpata. I could easily see the glow in the sky over North Salina, when I was by the Antriol gas station.

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QBall said...

Wow... I imagine that's some major news for Bonaire. Any talk about what this means to the price of energy on the island?