Friday, August 27, 2010

Bonaire Mountain Bike Race

Miguel, of Bonaire Wellness is finishing up preparations for an Extreme Duo Mtn. Bike race here on Bonaire on October 24. The race route shown on Miguel's web page has been changed some. You can see an updated, but not final map of the race route on Map My Run. Once you get to the map, you might need to click on a control to show the satellite image of Bonaire instead of the default view of a big blank outline of the island. There is a really cool "fly over the route" feature that I highly recommend if you have a good Internet connection.

View Interactive Map on

There are a few short bits of pavement, but most of the route consists of bumpy dirt roads and even more bumpy donkey trails. And then there are the super bumpy parts that can't even be called trails, oh, and the nasty uphill climb that I can barely get up even without my bike.
Two person teams can have a go at the extremely rough, bumpy, challenging and tiring +/- 75 km long course. Fame, glory and even some cash prizes await those who make it to the end.

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