Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Eventful Bike Ride

We had a great mtn. bike ride Saturday and I shot some new video clips that I've posted to YouTube. Bonaire is really lush and green looking after a week of rainy weather.

Besides all the scenic beauty, Saturday's ride featured a broken rear spoke, a crash when my front tire got stuck in a rut, and a back tire that was going flat, but hung in there just long enough for me to get home.

We're all bummed out that I didn't have my helmet cam running when I crashed. It would have been dramatic for sure. The road rash is healing nicely, for which I'm thankful.

A bunch of guys are working at clearing a trail that goes up over the ridge in the middle of the island. Back in the 60's one could drive a car on this road. In the late 70's, I did it in my dune buggy. Now you can barely get through on a bike, but it is a lot of fun. I've cleared this trail a couple times over the years, so it is really encouraging to see a number of other people getting into the trail maintenance mode. Yippie, the more the merrier.

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