Sunday, January 31, 2010

TWR Bonaire Mission Statement

Colin and Lorna Buckland recently spent a week with us, here at TWR Bonaire. Besides serving as a roving pastor and counsellor to the worldwide TWR family, Colin and Lorna do training and consulting in the areas of leadership and team dynamics. Among other things, Colin (pictured above) and Lorna led us in creating a mission statement for TWR Bonaire. You can see the results of some of our brainstorming session on the white board below.
The new TWR Bonaire mission statement goes like this: TWR Bonaire exists to assist the church in evangelizing, teaching, training and fostering unity in the practical expression of faith, hope and love by broadcasting Bible-based programming to the Caribbean, Northern Latin America and Bonaire.

Here is a picture of team Bonaire. That's Donna Gassert at the back left. Ivan Statia at the back right. The middle row has me on the left and Benny Saragoza on the right. And Rhonda and Joe Barker down front.

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