Saturday, September 20, 2008

Tuneful Tangemans

We saw Terri Tangeman and her sons, Benjamin and Cort, this week. I generally don't mention the names of young people on the blog, but these guys are part of an award winning music group, the Mountain Aires, and very much in the public eye. These young guys are accomplished musicians and I really enjoyed getting to hear them play.
Benjamin is on the far left in the group photo. Mentor, Marvin Heath can be seen in the white shirt at the center. The guys were working on one last song for their upcoming (November) Christmas CD. I did a Google search on them and found that songs from their first album, "Echo the Legacy," are available for download. The actual CD can also be found at the Great Smokey Mountain Association stores at parks in North Carolina, and from the group itself. These young musicians are budding businessmen as well.

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