Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Pre-Race Photos

I recently wrote about doing some trail maintenance on one of the single track sections of our North race loop. I got so enthused in my bush cutting that I hurt my wrist and couldn't ride in the pre-race last Saturday. So I manned the stop watch and camera.I think a good title for the above picture is "are we having fun yet?" While riding around on a bike is a lot of fun, bike racing is a surprisingly painful endeavor. Sam, shown above, did his first lap at about the same pace as he did in last year's race. He slowed down on the next lap because his legs were still tired from the Kralendijk to Rincon running race he had participated in earlier in the week!
Miguel did four laps and rode a LOT faster than last year. When Miguel and some of our riding buddies go for a brisk before work fun ride, I have to ride at an all out race pace to stay with them. Shameless wheel sucking helps a lot too. :)
I don't think that John, shown above, did this race last year. He got in three good laps in this pre-race, even though his tire was slowly going flat. He should be ready to deal out some punishment to his riding buddies in June 1's race. The start/finish area, shown above, is the only smooth flat spot on the course. The rest is either super bumpy or super steep.

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