Saturday, February 16, 2008

From Our Radio Audience - Past and Present

We have a pretty good theoretical and empirical handle on where the radio signal is going when it leaves our four towers down on the South end of Bonaire each night. But as I mentioned back in October, we don't always know exactly who is listening way out there, nor how the broadcasts are impacting their lives.

From time to time the curtain is pulled back, so to speak, and we do get an insight into the effectiveness of our TWR programming. Our daughter in law, Nancy, provided us one such glimpse this week. Here is a picture of Nurse Nancy, in her kid - friendly Pediatrics Nurse garb, proudly holding our first Grandkitten, Chloe. The following is an excerpt from an e-mail Nancy wrote us this week:

Today I had an adult patient who I was taking care of because she had surgery. (we have been getting more and more adult patients now a days on pediatrics ever since or new floor opened).
Anyway, I was talking to her and her husband and telling them how I decided to go into nursing, and then I was telling them how my dad is a pastor and what kind of church I go to. So then it ends up that both of them are pastor's kids as well!! So then I tell them that my husband is a missionary's kid, and that he grew up on Bonaire, and that my parents in law work for Trans World radio.
It ends up that my patient and her husband both grew up in Jamaica and their parents and them listened to Trans world radio from Bonaire!! They said that was the only AM radio station that came in clearly. Isn't that awesome!! So they both wanted me to send their regards and thank you all for what you do at Trans world radio. They appreciate it very much.

Nancy's email was a real encouragement to us and tells me that my 32 years on Bonaire have been worthwhile, as well as enjoyable. Of course, we don't always have to wait years and years to hear from our listeners. Here are some comments from a current Cuban listener to our Spanish broadcasts.

"I am 27 years old, a physics and philosophy professor. For a long time I criticized and made fun of Christians but after having read carefully the Bible to try to disprove it, I found the true meaning to life, a love and a light so pure and brighter than the light of the sun, our Savior Jesus Christ.
Today I am a layman in my church and I help other young people to avoid committing the same mistakes I made and be deceived by sin… I want you to know that I have told many people about your program and here in the area where I live many people have trusted the Lord thanks to your program."

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Michelle said...

Hey Brad and Sandra, it was fun to find your website and to see pictures of you and Richard, how he has changed! I'm glad you are still able to enjoy Bonaire and its beauty. I know the radio programs continue to reach those in need, or just to hear a word of encouragement. I am currently working as a children and family counselor here in Florida that keeps me pretty busy. Hope all is well with you.
Love, Michelle Robinette (Canfield)