Monday, December 03, 2007

Big Birthday

Sunday was Amado Felix's 60th birthday and a full day of festivities were planned, starting with a small reception following the morning service at the IBCB. If I ever fail to have my camera, I can count on Lucy to get some great shots. Here she zooms in on Amado while Keith and Barb Johnston sing him a special song.
Here we see the birthday boy with his wife Sue.
It looks like a photographer feeding frenzy. Notice the kids waiting in the wings before their own feeding frenzy!

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Anonymous said...

WOW! I'm getting old if Amado is 60. To me he is forever young, the coolest guy on the island who always embarrased me by calling me, six years his junior apparantly, "Chief". He called every English speaker "Chief", so I didn't deserve the label my Dad had. Everytime some new and gigantic installation arrived for TWR and had to be transferred from the dock to its new home, there was Amado on his moped leading the charge. It was inspiring and lofty to this eternal kid. Belated Happy Birthday, Mr. Felix.

His, Rich Kennedy