Thursday, November 08, 2007

Family Fun

We're enjoying a visit from my parents these days. My brother, Bruce, and his wife, Laurie, have just wrapped up a fun filled week with us too.

We got in a bike ride to Playa Frans, lots of snorkeling, two trips to Washington Park, and managed to squeeze in some good old R and R as well.

While Bruce and Laurie were here, their daughter, who is a freshman at the University of the Pacific, was tapped to start for the Tigers in the first pre-season game. It looks like she is going to get a good bit of playing time at beginning of the season, which is an exciting, but somewhat daunting prospect.

We listened to her first game, live, on the Internet. UOP won and she did well, which resulted in lots of cheering from her proud parents. In this photo you can see the aforementioned proud parents, as well as a proud grandpa checking out the game stats.
Sandra, who grew up in countries where basketball wasn't that big a thing found it all rather puzzling, ha-ha.

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Doug said...

Ah Yes, but Sandra is doing a Britton family favorite - Jigsaw Puzzle. It seems that they are always reserved for the Christmas season though... not sure exactly why.