Friday, August 17, 2007

More Cheap Airfares to Bonaire

We are looking forward to having some of our family visiting us the first two weeks of November. They are taking advantage of the low low American Airlines fall fares I wrote about back a bit.

Well, if you missed out on American's fall fare fest, there is still hope. I heard just this very morning, that the daughter of a Bonaire friend of ours has just booked a round trip to Bonaire, from Newark NJ, on Continental, during Regatta Week, for $309 plus tax! This is a non-stop direct flight, and that price is amazing.

This once a week Continental direct flight from Newark, arrives on Bonaire early on Sunday morning, but it leaves Newark just before midnight on Saturday night. So if you are searching on the Continental web site for this flight to Bonaire, you would need to put in Saturday night departure dates and Sunday morning return dates.

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