Sunday, June 17, 2007

Kibrahacha Trees

I was at the airport early Tuesday morning and commented to a friend that I was surprised that the Kibrahacha trees hadn't popped after the rain we recently had. I was sure surprised later that day to see the trees starting to bloom.
We took these pictures after work on Tuesday. I think the flowers peaked on Wednesday, and by Thursday they were pretty much gone. Kibrahacha trees seem to grow on the western slopes of hills, and can be seen east of Antriol, and in Republic, Sabadeco, and in the Gotomeer area up North.
The picture above is the view looking East from the TWR studios. There was less haze on Wednesday, so the yellow blooms on the grey/green hills were even more striking, but I didn't have a chance to take any pictures.

I rode my bike around the north end after work to check out the Kibrahacha trees by Gotomeer and north of Dos Pos. The trees were beautiful and made me wish I had brought my camera along. But if I had stopped to take pictures, I wouldn't have made it back home before dark, so I just enjoyed the view as I rode along.

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