Monday, April 02, 2007

29th Annual Kite Contest

After a really quiet week, the winds kicked back in just in time for the annual kite designing and flying competition. It is a big deal here, and there were a LOT of people out there having a great time. I kept these pictures small for faster downloading, since there are five of them, but you can still click on them if you want to see them bigger.
This is one of the larger kites. I didn't actually stick around to see them fly this one, but I can tell you that they had the end of the "kite string" tied off to the frame of a car, in order to be sure that this beast couldn't fly off with any of its handlers.
There were loads of prizes in various design and construction categories and for various age groups. Here is a creative box kite. Light weight is not an issue because of the power of the Bonaire winds. Stability and control can sometimes be elusive however.
One key design element common to all the kites the tail. Really really long, often multiple, tails are necessary to stabilize a kite in the strong Bonairian winds. This kite, about to be reeled in after a test, flew great. Check out the gloves on the hands of one of the kite wranglers. Many of contestants sported hand protection.
Bonaire natives will probably recognise Archie, as well as some of the other Judges, pictured here discussing the merits of one of the entries.

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