Saturday, September 10, 2005

Bike Race number 3

Our third mtn. bike race of the year was something of a fizzle, with only five riders turning out. However three of the five didn't ride the last race, so we were happy to see their fresh eager faces.

We turned it into a sporty training ride, with the faster riders waiting or even doubling back to rejoin the slower riders. That way no one got lost or discouraged.

Saturday morning I went around the course with Andre and James to trim a couple trees that were in the way and to mark the course. Here we see James and Andre posting signs at the start of the one mile long serious single track / donkey trail section.

You can click on the pictures to see them bigger.

Andre explains the route.

Here I am flying out from the final single track section. A big thank you to cousin Bud Gillan for taking these action photos.

Here are a few of us hanging out after the ride, with a donkey spectator in the background.

Everyone had a great time and we've already set up plans for a weekly Saturday ride starting next week. We're hoping that we can generate more interest if we don't call it a race, but merely a "fun training tour." I'll be in the States until December but the gang is planning to train hard so as to put the hurt on me when I get back to Bonaire. I do have a bike in the States, so I guess I'd better ride it as much as I can. Posted by Picasa

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Anonymous said...

In that one picture it looks like you had 3 waterbottles.. 2 on the bike and one in your jersey. Was it really that long/hot? Or did you bring extra since it was just a fun training ride? Guess if you're riding while you're in the states I'll have to try to get out a few times too.. :) Gonna look like such a poser on my nice bike without the legs to back it up. ;-P