Sunday, February 06, 2005

Brandaris Climb 2005

Jon and Debbi Savage and I climbed Brandaris in Washington Park yesterday. I took a GPS with me and measured about 1.2 miles of hiking and about 700 feet of vertical from the base to the top. The summit is about 780 feet above sea level.

It was fairly cloudy and there was a light breeze, which made for wonderful climbing conditions. The heat in Washington Park can be brutal some times of the year.

Here is the beginning of the path to the top. You can tell we've had a lot of rain this year. The trail has become quite eroded and the vegetation is almost lush.

You can click the picture to see it bigger.

Looking towards Playa Funchi from the top. Posted by Hello

I've posted four more pictures from yesterday's trip to the park in my club photo site. The first six pix in the album are from 2005. The rest date back as far as 2002.

You can click the club photo thumbnails to enlarge the pictures, and then click again on the pictures to see them at full 1024x768 resolution.

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