Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Sailboat pix on Club Photo

I've posted a bunch of pictures of the yachts racing around the south end of Bonaire on my Club Photo site.

Some pictures are just of the boats for those who are into boats etc. Other pix have Bonaire landmarks in the foreground and may be of more general interest.

You can click on the thumbnails to see the pictures bigger and then click on the bigger pictures to see them full size, 1024x768 in this case.

You can vote for your favorite picture in the comments section of this blog. (I'll probably cull some of the pix from the club photo album eventually.)

1 comment:

Jim Ruskowsky said...

I can't narrow down to one pic, so here are a few I like.

boat2623: just a nice shot
boatrox2602: something about the name of this pic
btbw2698: the waves look more typical of the south end
rdslv2701: wins the prize for the most sailboats
rdslv2659: wins the prize for the least sailboats (I haven't found one yet - give me a hint at least)

Thanks for the pics